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Analyzing your browser bookmarks

Are there any websites that analyze your browser bookmarks? It would be fun to see some stats behind all the bookmarks in your browser. Which domains do you bookmark the most. Maybe a line graph that shows the number of bookmarks you made each month, each year. Which folders have the most bookmarks? As of right […]

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Cleaning out your browser bookmarks

Do you have a ton of browser bookmarks? I had 2,800 bookmarks in my Chrome. Yipes! The oldest bookmark was from August 2005. These have been collecting for over ten years. Many of the sites are dead, or I just don’t care about them. I managed to delete 1,500 of my bookmarks using the very […]

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Google Cast

11 Chrome extensions I use every day

Make your Chrome browser more flexible and powerful with these handy extensions. I use these eleven Chrome extensions every day. Evernote Web Clipper Save any webpage to Evernote. I use this for almost every single article I read online. Whenever I ask myself, “what was that article I read about XYZ?” I can search my […]

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NFL team hashtag emoji

Silly, but official, NFL hashtags

The NFL is assigning official hashtags for each of the 32 teams. Anytime someone uses one of these hashtags, an emoji of the team logo appears right next to the hashtag. Tweet out #Broncos, and you’ll get a Broncos emoji next to the hashtag. It’s pretty cute when that happens. Back during the Olympics, whenever […]

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'It's nothing serious. His endorphins haven't kicked in yet.'

Endorphins or ten dolphins?

“When I get a task done, I get a little endorphin shot of satisfaction.” A blogger explains his brain rush with productivity. For many people these endorphins apparently come out during good physical exercise. I don’t get it. Whenever someone speaks about how they experience “a rush of endorphins,” I get visions of dolphins jumping around […]

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NPR doesn’t want you to talk on their island

NPR’s decision to disable comments from their site is quite disappointing. On face value, it’s understandable why NPR shut off comments. Most of them are simply flamers and trolls. Tech blogger Anthony Dean notes that some types of sites simply don’t receive quality comments. Whereas other sites do receive quality comments. Thankfully, my sites haven’t seen […]

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