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What would Taco Bell play on SoundCloud?

Taco Bell has a SoundCloud account? What do you think they would play? (Yeah, I should probably listen to their channel before I write about it, but let’s first speculate what they could be playing, because that’s more fun). Taco Bell commercials. Ads would be lame. Who would want to hear an entire playlist of ads? Even […]

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How would you customize your Twitter algorithm?

How Twitter should roll out the algorithm timeline

If Twitter is going to release an timeline algorithm, then each user should be able to determine the variables used. For my timeline, I would have two variables: 1) Favor people who at-reply other people’s tweets. I don’t want to follow people on Twitter who only tweet and never at-reply other people. If Twitter lets […]

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Twitter dying?

How to turn off Twitter’s algorithm timeline

When Twitter rolls out their algorithm timeline to everyone, it looks like there won’t be a way to turn this feature off. However, I will have my own method of turning it off. Turn off Twitter altogether–which I might be doing more of. Twitter has become too much of a consumption thing for me–I spend […]

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2,499 pins

Reaching milestone numbers in social media

When your account is about to hit a milestone in numbers, do you get nervous what should be your next pin/tweet/post should be? I do. It’s silly, but you want your 1,000th or 10,000th tweet to be something good. My Pinterest account is currently sitting on 2,499 pins. What should be my 2,500th pin?!

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