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QuarkXpress 2016 Productivity Bundle

A 20-year-old design program still clinging on, kinda

Quark XPress still sends emails to designers trying to convince them to purchase their dated software. 20 years ago Quark was the premiere layout program for print designers. Then around 2000 Adobe released their Quark-Killer, Adobe Indesign. Since that time 15 years ago, designers quickly dropped Quark in favor of Indesign. We haven’t looked back […]

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Creating a custom Office 365 icon

In Office 365 email, everyone has a default icon with their initials inside a circle. The icon is so boring that it makes you want to add a photo. However, nobody changes their icon. Everyone keeps the default icon. To use your photo makes you seem rather narcissistic. “Here’s a photo of me!” I have […]

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Tweetdeck search column for "fun" limited by a twitter list

How to search your friends’ tweets

Overwhelmed by the randomness of your Twitter stream? Are there times you wish you could search within your Twitter stream? With a little setup, you can! I was curious how many times the people I follow on twitter use the word “fun” in their tweets. You can search twitter for the word “fun”, but that […]

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My google sheet for tracking my health

Google Sheets health log

Can you remember the last time you hurt your back? How long did it take you to recover? I can’t remember either of these things, and I should. I’m starting a health log to track whenever I feel sick or have a back ache. Then I can see how long it takes me to heal […]

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#AllHailEmperorPalpatine on Instagram


Just so you know, I’m the very first person on Twitter to ever use the hashtag #AllHailEmperorPalpatine. Rather surprising this hasn’t been tweeted yet, given Twitter’s 10-year history. I did so with my fictional twitter account, @atourriten, the Death Star librarian. While sitting at my desk in corporate America, I like to stare out the […]

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When given the option of how to register for a site, which method do you use?

Confusion with social media log-ins

The thing with social log-ins is that I can never remember which network I use to log in. Whenever an email option is given, I always select that. I control my email address, so I know it will never go away. These other social platforms, we are at the whim of these third party companies. […]

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Data journalism

Everyone loves a good infographic, right? Especially when it’s based on true data and does some data mining. I’ve thought about getting into more data journalism. A couple articles that have helpful resources: From Get with the program: The benefits of coding skills in the newsroom There’s no shortage of places to learn how to […]

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