The music service of the future

You know what would make for a great music listening service? If they allowed you to embed playable clips on your own website. So if I blog about a song, people can play it right on my site. AND if someone clicks the buy button, i get a cut. The entire song would be playable if the person is a subscriber of the service. Otherwise, non-subscribers can listen to a 30-second preview.

In addition to being able to embed individual songs on my site, I could embed entire playlists. That would rock.

I guarantee you if a music service offered these features, they would be the next big thing. But it has to include ALL four features:

1. Embed playable songs on your own site
2. Embed playlists on your own site
3. Songs are playable to subscribers, non-subscribers get 30-second clips
4. Songs sold from these playlists and embeds will give the site owner a cut of the profit.

The 4th item is key. Right now amazon lets you get 5% of the cost of the song. But it’s a pain embedding songs on a website. You can only link to the amazon site. That’s dumb. Let people make their own playlists on their own site.

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