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Bookstore of the future

What could the bookstore of the future look like? Bethanne Patrick, Executive Editor of Book Riot, asked this question on her blog post, “The Bookstore of the Future, Installment One: What Would Don Draper Handsell?” (hat-tip to @dbsalk for tweeting a link to this post.) I’d love to see specific niche-by-topic bookstores. Like a bookstore […]

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Blogger comments system is kinda bizarro

One of the reasons why I don’t host this blog on blogger is that blogger makes it too hard to comment. At first glance their commenting form looks like any other. You type in your comment. You get to pick what profile you are commenting as (Google, Livejournal, WordPress, Typepad, AIM, openID, Name/URL) You click […]

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What’s the reason why we shared that article?

One of the readers of this blog posted an interesting comment that no explanations are needed when sharing articles. Simply sharing with like-minded people should be enough. The headline should stand for itself. I can see an argument for that. It’s like gift-giving. Often at birthdays we give gifts and there doesn’t always have to […]

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