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What’s that book about?

When I scroll through the book titles on my friend feed, sometimes I wonder, “what’s that book about?” I consider asking the person who is reading the book. But then I realize I could just click on the link and read the official summary. Funny how online stuff works. If a friend tells us […]

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New comic initiatives: Comics Accelerator, Diamond Digital, Digital Comics Reader, Cyber Force Kickstarter, Comics Plus

Comic Book Resources touched on a few new and ongoing digital comics projects in their article, CCI: New frontiers for iVerse’s digital comics. Comics Accelerator The Comics Accelerator sounds cool for how you can buy a comics in kickstarter-style, AND there is no DRM. However, the site looks WAY too much like Kickstarter. I’d imagine […]

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A blog post should never have one comment

If someone comments on your blog post, you should always try to respond. If you don’t, it shows readers that you don’t care about the comments or possibly you don’t even read the comments. [sidenote: not ALL comments by readers deserve a response; but if you have a low comment rate on your blog, you […]