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One thousand Kobos equals six cents

The poor Kobo. The unloved eReader. The Kindle, the iPad, even the Nook are far more popular than this little Kobo. Yet somehow the American Booksellers Association just agreed with the Kobo to make it their official book distribution platform. They dumped Google in favor of this little guy. Did you know that the Kobo […]

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Kindle doesn’t know how to correct eink to e-ink

The Kindle doesn’t know how to spell the name of it’s own screen technology! E-ink is what creates the paper-like screen on the Kindles. While reading a book with the Kindle app, I wrote a note inside the book. Inititally I typed “eink.” The Kindle auto-spell didn’t correct “eink” to “e-ink;” instead it offered ink, […]

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Forbes Top Selling Authors 2012

Forbes’ Top Earning Authors list

Top-selling authors. Top-selling authors. Meh. When I was in college I had to fight the natural fascination of becoming an artist who would appear in the art history books. It’s the wrong intention. It’s so tempting to look at this list and wish to be on it. I’d rather have a small group of people […]

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DC comics app by comiXology (redudant?)

It seems slightly redundant that DC comics would have their own app developed by comiXology. Why not just read your comics on the original ComiXology app? They state: An entirely new design and interface Easier search functionality that allows readers to find their favorite comics and characters much faster New ways to search and receive […]

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What makes for a great storyteller?

Every week on Tuesday at 11am CST #ideaschat has an hour-long chat with a new topic. This week’s topic was about storytelling. Question #3 was “What makes for a great storyteller?” Thirteen people gave some great responses. Vulnerability, honesty, wit, ability to captivate, telling the right story at the right time, honesty, passion, live first […]

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Blogs need to allow people to subscribe to categories

The blogging platform of the future needs two main things. Community and topic-specific subscription. Drupal allows people to subscribe to specific topics (or categories) of posts. But drupal doesn’t have a tied-in community to their platform. In fact, it’s hard to find any blogging platform that has a tied-in community. Blogger? No. WordPress? No. Livejournal? […]

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Learn to make eBooks from InDesign: Part 2

More resources I’ve found on my second day of researching how to make eBooks from InDesign. ================ Barnes & Noble’s eBook publisher home “PubIt! ePub Formatting Guide” (PDF) Download our ePub Formatting Guide for information on how best to format your ePub document. — pretty much tech specs, raw stuff. — The maximum viewing […]

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