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Passionate about your column or about your topic?

Are you passionate about what you do?

hexanine, an agency in Chicago, blogged, “Musing: Weave Passion into Business“:

Our short musings on design, branding, business and the human condition.

Sure, we all have to eat and pay the mortgage. But it

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I’ll second that “Amen!”, Matt! Passion is sooooo underrated. And I think that applies both in the syndication world and LIFE. I found the last paragraph from the hexanine blog post particularly compelling: “Either figure out how to get deeply excited about the work you


Sometimes I have to eat my words. I’ve blogged about how blog posts should never have one comment. And then I come across this post where srsomers commented without a response from me.

Srsomers, I like how you connect passion with thinking outside the box.

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