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What Google Plus should be used for

Google Plus is for sharing what you read. Facebook is for sharing about your life. We all have some friends who share waaaay too many articles on Facebook. I go to Facebook to see what’s happening in my friend’s lives. Sure, sometimes an article might be pertinent, but not when there’s an abundance of articles […]

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How we create, read, share

This blog is about how we create, read, and share. Are there better words to describe this? I want to get across that we all write, photograph, tweet, and create things. We also consume and read. And then we all share and publish things–whether it’s our creations or other’s creations. We like to put stuff […]

How we discover How we read

A library with no books

The Library of the future is coming and it has no books! San Antonio has plans for a bookless library. The rendering is quite curious. iMac-o-rama I love me some iMacs, but is the future of libraries really all the same computers? For some reason, I’d like to see a diversity of computers. I like […]

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Instagram’s updated terms are even worse

If you thought Instagram’s new terms introduced in December 2012 were awful, their update today is even worse. We’ve all been waiting to see what Instagram would do with their promised new terms. You’d think Instagram would have released a nicer set of terms after their fiasco in December. But no, Instagram went ten times […]

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How to archive all your Kindle notes and highlights

Would you like to be able to download all your notes and highlights from your Kindle books? Amazon doesn’t make it easy, but here’s the workaround way to get your notes and highlights. 1) Sign into your online kindle account. Go to: and sign in. 2) Find the book you want to copy your […]