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Why comments should be enabled on all blogs

If you have comments disabled on your blog, chances are I won’t spend my time reading it. If I spend the time reading your blog, then you should spend time reading the comments on your blog. To disable comments on your blog is like saying, “screw you” to your readers. You are saying, “I don’t […]

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How to handle content overload

With overloads of content being produced, it makes you wonder who’s reading all this content. One of the solutions is to have better curators. People picking interesting content and packaging it together to make it more relevant to each reader’s interests. Another solution would be for us to be willing to learn more. I hope […]

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A solution to book discovery online

People still are not discovering books online, according to by Laura Hazard Owen’s article, “Why online book discovery is broken (and how to fix it).” Most people are discovering books in real stores and then purchasing them on Amazon. It goes to show that books are real and people like looking through real books. (Me […]

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Pinterest hasn’t killed tumblr… yet

I thought for sure that Pinterest would have killed Tumblr. I find my tumblr stream too unfocused. With the specific boards in pinterest, it would seem that a user would be able to define exactly what they want to see. But it doesn’t quiet work that way as my pinterest news streams seems to be […]