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Amazon and Goodreads

Good news and bad news from Amazon buying Goodreads

Amazon buys the popular social book reading website Goodreads. Is that good or bad news for Goodreads? Possible good news Book exchange system through Goodreads. From Kevin Eagan: “I could see Amazon’s used ebook store platform (now just a credible rumor) integrated with the Goodreads platform. Goodreads already gives away ebooks on their site, so this is possible.” […]

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eBooks as symbols and experiences

The comments on “Losing the book as a symbol” are very interesting, touching on points of symbols vs. experiences. These two are frames that I will use to look up on how I perceive things. The author François Joseph de Kermadec argues how “Publishing needs to build new symbols for the digital age” and our current […]

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Google ditches smart people in favor of the stupid masses

Google likes to make their products stupidly simple so they can reach the widest, most stupid audience possible. When Google doesn’t make products stupidly simple, they fail. Take Google Plus, Buzz, and Wave. Google succeeds when they make their products simple, like their search engine, Google Talk, Google Docs (simple in comparison to Word), Gmail […]

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Four reasons why Google is killing Google Reader

Four reasons why Google is killing Google Reader

Why would Google kill Google Reader? There are a few false excuses floating around. Some people are saying Google is focusing on their core efforts. Others are claiming that RSS is a dying technology. Both of those reasons would be extremely false. The “core efforts excuse” is not a reason. Google states their purpose on […]

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Why your own posts should appear in your news stream

All social media websites should include your updates in your own news stream. For instance, Goodreads doesn’t show my reviews in my news stream. Flickr doesn’t show my photos in my contacts list. But sites like Instagram and tumblr do show your photos along with everyone else’s. Benefits of sites including your posts in your […]

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