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Number of photos uploaded to flickr every day

Flickr’s 1.4 million photos per day, Instagram’s 40 million photos per day

Flickr has 1.4 million photos uploaded per day. Instagram claims 40 million photos per day. It’s sad to see Facebook getting eternal rights to 40 million personal photos. Remember, Facebook/Instagram doesn’t claim ownership of the photos, but they do claim forever rights, even after you delete the image from their service. (Instagram’s updated terms are even […]

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Original tumblr post: All of the reblogs

Tumblr is not a blogging platform

With Yahoo buying Tumblr, I was looking for an insightful article that explains what Tumblr really is. Tumblr is not just a collection of 18-24 year olds. Tumblr is a unique system. This is a good reminder for what tumblr truly is. (Image courtesy finalbossform on tumblr Tumblr is unique combination of being like: 1) […]

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Thoughts on copyright system via twitter

Our copyright system definitely needs an overhaul. Ariel Bogle of Melville House wrote an excellent article, US copyright chief calls for complete overhaul. Here is my complete commentary on the article in the form of tweets: US Copyright Chief Calls for Complete Overhaul: @melvillehouse — Amanda DeMarco (@Readuxreads) March 27, 2013 @readuxreads Yes please! […]

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Digital comics war heats up

Digital comics war heats up

This is the most hilarious thing all month! I think it might take the cake for funniest thing I’ve seen so far all of 2013! The 80s-style story of two gangs fighting it out also provides such a great backdrop to this gag. This is sorta like the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I […]

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