Flickr’s 1.4 million photos per day, Instagram’s 40 million photos per day

Number of photos uploaded to flickr every day

Flickr has 1.4 million photos uploaded per day. Instagram claims 40 million photos per day.

It’s sad to see Facebook getting eternal rights to 40 million personal photos. Remember, Facebook/Instagram doesn’t claim ownership of the photos, but they do claim forever rights, even after you delete the image from their service. (Instagram’s updated terms are even worse“)

40 million is surprising from Instagram given that most people only post one photo at a time on the service. Instagram is designed so that everyone can only upload one photo at a time.  Whereas flickr allows you to upload images in batches.

Perhaps Instagram has so many daily photos, because they have a ton of users. They claim to have 100 million active users. One hundred million? Really? Even if you take that in half, I’m sure it still out-dwarfs flickr. The real question is do these 50-100 million users really upload anything of quality? When I was on Instagram, I followed people who uploaded good photos. But when I would do an image search for a particular topic, I found myself sorting through weeds and weeds of self-shot photos of teenagers.

On the whole, I would say that Instagram is dominated by people who are taking their very first photographs. Are there seasoned veterans on Instagram? Yeah (even though those people are pretty dumb if they stay on the service, as Instagram claims rights to their photos).

One of these days I’ll do some side-by-side comparisons of the quality of photos on Instagram and flickr by doing certain keyword searches on both services.

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