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Archive | June, 2013

Why disable comments on a blog?

You read a great blog post that gives you a great desire to leave a feedback comment. But then you can’t find the comment box. What!? There is no comments enabled for that blog post. This has to be one of my greatest frustrations with a new trend in blogs. The disabling of comments. Why […]

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In olden times it was different

“It is, unfortunately, one of the chief characteristics of modern business to be always in a hurry. In olden times it was different.” — The Medical Record, 1884. Yes. That is 1884. The webcomic XKCD has 19 quotes like this, including: “the art of conversation is dying” (1890) “thirty pages is now too much” (1894) […]

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Stereotypes of media consumers

I love all the different stereotypes in this image from the Vancouver Sun.  The iPad user is delighted as a peach with her interactive screen. The newspaper reader is some old guy that looks rather confused.  The mobile phone user wears hip clothes–everyone with mobile phone is hip.  The laptop user is pretty normal looking.  […]

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