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Do people want to read content by topic?

We live in a world where content is not sorted by topic. Tweets are sorted by person. You can’t view tweets by topic. People on Google Plus never post to topic-based circles. Pinterest automatically subscribes to you to all boards by individuals you follow. You can clean up your pinterest to have just the boards […]

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The noise all this noise on twitter! AAaaaah!

Your twitter sorted by topic

Imagine if all the tweets in your twitter stream were sorted by topic. You could sit down and read all the tweets about sports at once. All the tweets about local items would be in another section. Then you could filter out other tweets you wish to never see like foursquare check-ins. How far your […]

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Google Reader is dead, iGoogle the dinosaur remains alive

Google Reader is gone, but iGoogle remains

Today the dinosaurs remain, but the smart animals are killed. Google kills off the very smart product, Google Reader today, but the dinosaur iGoogle remains alive. Who knew ancient web portals were so vital to Google? Many years have passed since I last visited my iGoogle web portal. My iGoogle even has a Friend Feed […]

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