Do people want to read content by topic?

We live in a world where content is not sorted by topic.

  • Tweets are sorted by person. You can’t view tweets by topic.
  • People on Google Plus never post to topic-based circles.
  • Pinterest automatically subscribes to you to all boards by individuals you follow. You can clean up your pinterest to have just the boards you want, but Pinterest will constantly add new boards created by people you follow. I spend 75% of my time on Pinterest unfollowing boards about weddings, recipes, and hair styles.
  • Facebook sorts posts by some magic formula of time and popularity; certainly not by specific topics.
  • One of the sites that allowed us to somewhat organize content by topic was Google Reader. That product was killed this year.

It seems publishers and social media don’t want us to read by topic.

Oh, but we have newspapers. They have larger sections. Not exactly speicfic topics, but at least it’s some sort of grouping.

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