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Top 20 on this is colossal

Blogging for quantity and quality

Earlier this year when the one-man-powered announced that he was going full-time with his site, I became convinced that for a blogger to make a living off his site is to publish at least two blog posts per day. Christopher Jobson publishes about two to four posts about fantastic art per day on […]

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Google Trends: Netflix Que

Why netflix renames “queue” to “my list”

The queue is now called “my list” in netflix. Why would netflix change that term? Six possible reasons why Netflix changed “queue” to “my list”: 1. The general public not know what queue means defines queue as: queue [kyoo] noun 1. a braid of hair worn hanging down behind. 2. a file or line, […]

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Evernote's search feature is great

Is text in images indexable by Google?

Does Google indexes the text in images on webpages? We were all taught that text in images is bad for SEO, because Google can’t index the text. However, having an Evernote Pro account makes me think differently now. I upload all my screenshots to Evernote, because it can index the text in the image and […]

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