Optimizing your site for SEO is one half of the search puzzle

Will all sites ultimately become properly optimized for search engines?

Web strategist James Ellis writes:

While SEO is a critical element in your digital marketing strategy, there will probably come a day some time soon when everyone is properly optimized for search engines. What happens when there’s a level playing field and tricks don’t push your pages to the top of Google’s search results. So we ask, is there life after SEO?

With 18.9% of the web now powered by the SEO-friendly WordPress, we are seeing more and more sites being optimized for search engines. However, the SEO story does not end there. Your site can be optimized up the wha-zoo, but you still won’t rank unless you do one major thing.

Keyword research.

I’ll admit to writing random blog posts, throwing them up against the blogosphere wall, and seeing what the Google spiders enjoy eating. However, that’s pretty random. The key is really seeing what keyword phrases people are using, and how many websites use those keywords. Supply and demand.

SEO is kinda like the stock market. There are some keyword phrases that are better to invest in than others. Over time, the market changes, so it’s good to reanalyze your keyword phrase portfolio every now and then.

Sure, more and more websites are going to be optimized for SEO, but you can still write content that is better at targeting specific phrases.

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