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How internet browsers can expand our reading ability

The impenetrable glass of browsers

It’s funny how flexible the internet is, yet we don’t have technology to write directly on webpages in a browser and immediately share that marginalia. When reading an article on a piece of paper, you have an immediacy with that sheet of paper where you can underline text and write notes in the margin. When […]

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Tag a photo with #toppslive and it becomes immediate property of Topps

MLB’s only official baseball card manufacturer, Topps, is running a super-fun photo competition. Thirty fan-submitted photos will be used for the 2015 baseball card set. Imagine the delight baseball fans will get seeing their own photo appear on a baseball card! To enter just your photo on instagram with the hashtag #toppslive and it’s automatically […]

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Instead of raindrops in this storm, I had a dream it was pageviews.

The storm of pageviews

The first raindrop hits the ground. Then a few more tap on the concrete alley outside my bedroom window. Suddenly I hear thousands, probably millions more raindrops land upon the thirsty ground. How many raindrops does an average storm produce in one square mile? Do raindrops compete with each other to see who will land […]

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How to give your comments more reach

Get more mileage out of comments you give

Do you ever feel like not leaving a comment on a blog, because you feel like it won’t be seen by anyone else other than the author? With the dominance social media today, people are more apt to make their comments on another social media channel rather than your lonely blog post. Imagine if today’s […]

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is twitter dying?_1200x1200

Why do you use Twitter?

Are the overabundance of people trying to gain followers on Twitter actually killing the service? Marketers constantly tweeting utility links, never sharing their own personality. People trying to impress others by constantly retweeting others. Is all this noise killing Twitter? The Atlantic wrote a Eulogy for Twitter, claiming “the beloved social publishing platform enters its […]

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