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Three reasons why Instagram has more engagement than Twitter

Less Twitter, more Instragram. Pew Research released their Social Media Update 2014. In 2013, 46% of Twitter users checked the site every day. In 2014, only 36% checked it daily. What a drop! 49% of Instagram users said they checked the service daily. Twitter’s engagement is down, while Instagram’s engagement is soaring? Why? Chris Thilk […]

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The device for writers who can’t focus

Combine a keyboard with an e-ink screen and you have a new

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Why have 15 Twitter accounts?

It’s all about giving your readers what they want. Do you enjoy reading a stranger’s tweets about his/her health? I don’t, really. But I do enjoy reading the health tweets by my close friends and family. So strangers don’t have to read my tweets about chocolate cravings, I have separate those tweets into a dedicated […]