Why have 15 Twitter accounts?

It’s all about giving your readers what they want.

Do you enjoy reading a stranger’s tweets about his/her health? I don’t, really. But I do enjoy reading the health tweets by my close friends and family. So strangers don’t have to read my tweets about chocolate cravings, I have separate those tweets into a dedicated twitter account called @mattshealth.

How about baseball? Many people don’t want to read people’s tweets about baseball, so I put mine into a dedicated baseball account, @57hits.

Certainly people don’t want to hear someone rant on about fantasy football, so I have a specific account for that, @flyingonions.

My 15 twitter accounts are all about allowing the reader to select exactly what they want to see from me on twitter. My main twitter account, @mattmaldre stays a nice clean account without any tweets about my health. It is clean from any foursquare check-ins, baseball tweets, football tweets.

How do I manage 15 twitter accounts? It’s really easy with hootsuite. Super-easy. I really recommend any twitter user setting up separate twitter accounts. It makes things really nice for your followers.

When people get to know me, they soon find out that I have multiple twitter accounts. But most people don’t know which ones to follow. Below is a nice list that outlines all my twitter accounts and how active each one is with the number of tweets made in 2014.

My top twitter accounts in 2014

My regular twitter account
1,535 tweets in 2014

Creative tweets
703 tweets in 2014

Comments I make on blog posts
609 tweets in 2014

Tweets about Chicago (via foursquare)
262 tweets in 2014

My health and food.
256 tweets in 2014

Fictional account for Mother Nature in Chicago
176 tweets in 2014

Tweeting about music
142 tweets in 2014

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Leigh Hanlon

I only have the one Twitter account: @lthanlon. I have to admit that I haven’t really posted all that much on it. I had briefly toyed with the idea of having my WordPress blog posts be automatically tweeted, but after accidentally tweeting news about a personal project to my entire list of Twitter followers, I abandoned that idea. What’s your opinion on Twitter and blogs? Is it a good idea to tweet blog posts?


[…] Funny story. I accidentally tweeted about my scorecards to the wrong twitter account. I have about ten different Twitter accounts that I actively tweet with. The Twitter account