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Twitter is not a broadcast medium

Last year the Verge demonstrated that people tweet links to articles that they actually never read. And now the Atlantic reports that only 1% of the people who click on a tweet actually read the article. Twitter is not a broadcast medium. Twitter is not a place where you post a ton of links hoping […]

How we create

How to translate one word into all the foreign languages

Is there an online resource to translate a word into all foreign languages? You could manually look up a word in Google Translate. But don’t you want an online dictionary that can translate in all languages? Good news. Google Sheets has a function for Google Translate! You can set up a sheet with a function […]

How we discover

The next Google: personal search

Where did you post that thought? Did you save it in Evernote, or in Google Drive? Maybe it’s in your Dropbox. Perhaps it’s on your blog, or maybe you tweeted it. Hmmm. Where is it? Wouldn’t it be nice to have one site where you can search through everything you have? A unified search through: […]