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Google News: Suggested for you

Google News really suggested for you?

Google offers a custom news feed according to your defined preferences. Many other players in the field are doing this, Zite, Flipboard, and now Apple. But Google has some weight here, because y’know, they are Google. For the past couple months, I’ve been fine-tuning my “Suggested for you” feed in Google news. Telling Google I’m […]

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Affiliate site bookmarks

Six ways to use browser bookmarks in 2015

Do people still use browser bookmarks? With social media, it may seem like there is no need for bookmarks. But there are several key uses. Bulk load for surfing Every morning, I load up about 10 websites that don’t have RSS feeds. They are all inside one bookmark folder, so I can right-click on the […]

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Screenshot of comments in Medium

How to improve marginalia in Instapaper

Do you enjoy writing notes in the margins of books and articles? The quest for an online marginalia system continues with Instapaper. Instapaper offers the great service to export articles to their service. You can even highlight passages and leave comments on the article. However, your comments are buried underneath a blue word bubble. Here’s […]

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Google Trends: social marketing strategy vs content marketing strategy

Content marketing vs social marketing

Content marketing is indeed on the rise, as Google Trends shows. As searches for “content marketing” are increasing, searches for its cousin term “social marketing” are decreasing. (View live Google Trends chart or archived version). Does this mean social marketing is going out of style? By no means! Be very careful when using Google Trends. […]

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