Year: 2016

A ton of hot chocolate in a custom box

The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Package for the person who loves hot chocolate

Do you know someone who loves hot chocolate? Then you can give the Ultimate Hot Chocolate Package! The ultimate hot chocolate package is a collection of all the various hot chocolates you can find! In 2007, I gave my mom the Ultimate Hot Chocolate Package. The main influence behind me being a huge hot chocolate …

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The hottest new trend: guys liking hot chocolate

What’s up with dudes and hot chocolate? write Mary Fons. “Dudes like hot chocolate. It’s a thing.” She gives four examples of guys liking hot chocolate in her Choco Case Studies. Well, make me the 5th!–actually the first–since 2008 I have been declaring on Twitter my love for the hot chocolate beverage. If other dudes …

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Searches for landline are actually increasing, why?

With more and more people cutting their landline phones, you’d expect that searches on Google for landline would decrease in the past 12 years. Google searches for landline are actually increasing, because there are more people who don’t know what a landline is. Mentions of the word landline in books were pretty consistent starting in …

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Sports consumption survey chart based on age demographics

The life cycle of watching football

The demographics of sports watching is changing. Young people are less interested in sports. Bloomberg reports, “When asked what type of content they enjoy watching, young people express less enthusiasm for sport than other genres” Media reporter Chris Thilk gives this analysis: What they found should be super-disturbing for the media world. Two of the …

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Words to use instead of "very"

What a very powerful–I mean–compelling list!

Imagine a WordPress plug-in that searched through all your posts and made suggestions for word selection changes based on this list. It would be like a spellcheck, but for very perfect—I mean flawless word choice. (Hat-tip to Leigh Hanlon posting this image on Facebook.)

QuarkXpress 2016 Productivity Bundle

A 20-year-old design program still clinging on, kinda

Quark XPress still sends emails to designers trying to convince them to purchase their dated software. 20 years ago Quark was the premiere layout program for print designers. Then around 2000 Adobe released their Quark-Killer, Adobe Indesign. Since that time 15 years ago, designers quickly dropped Quark in favor of Indesign. We haven’t looked back …

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Would you like to search Feedly by article length? 

Sometimes I’m in the mood to read longer articles. I would love to be able to search within Feedly for articles over a particular word count. If you would like Feedly to add “article length” as one of the advanced search criteria filters, please upvote this suggestion on their suggestion board.

Google Sheets health log

Can you remember the last time you hurt your back? How long did it take you to recover? I can’t remember either of these things, and I should. I’m starting a health log to track whenever I feel sick or have a back ache. Then I can see how long it takes me to heal …

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Just so you know, I’m the very first person on Twitter to ever use the hashtag #AllHailEmperorPalpatine. Rather surprising this hasn’t been tweeted yet, given Twitter’s 10-year history. I did so with my fictional twitter account, @atourriten, the Death Star librarian. While sitting at my desk in corporate America, I like to stare out the …

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Replace Facebook with Feedly for your source of blogs

Tired of Facebook picking what articles you see? Do you ever get frustrated by how Facebook often doesn’t show you articles from Pages you really like? Feedly is your answer for following the blogs you enjoy. You get to pick what you see, and you’ll never miss a post! Plus, you can easily mark posts …

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Data journalism

Everyone loves a good infographic, right? Especially when it’s based on true data and does some data mining. I’ve thought about getting into more data journalism. A couple articles that have helpful resources: From Get with the program: The benefits of coding skills in the newsroom There’s no shortage of places to learn how to …

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Icebreakers for book readers

Would you like some handy conversation questions in a tiny pocket zine? You can print out this one-page PDF made by Jamie Glass. Then fold it up into a little pocket zine. (Found via These are the icebreaker questions in the zine: Print books or e-books? [PERSON’S NAME] reads: [ ] Print only [ …

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Searching through your Google search history

Chances are you probably have your entire Google search history available for you to download. If you are logged into Google while you do searches, it keeps track of all your search terms. Many people are afraid of other’s finding their Google search history. I find it absolutely fascinating. Looking through your search history is …

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As of today, the blog will start to feature more short and quick blog posts. I was keeping this site mostly to tech and publishing thoughts. Often there are many topics that I simply want to write about that I find interesting. One of the blog formats I find inspiring is Dave Winer’s blog … new mission Read More »

Analyzing your browser bookmarks

Are there any websites that analyze your browser bookmarks? It would be fun to see some stats behind all the bookmarks in your browser. Which domains do you bookmark the most. Maybe a line graph that shows the number of bookmarks you made each month, each year. Which folders have the most bookmarks? As of right …

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