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2,499 pins

Reaching milestone numbers in social media

When your account is about to hit a milestone in numbers, do you get nervous what should be your next pin/tweet/post should be? I do. It’s silly, but you want your 1,000th or 10,000th tweet to be something good. My Pinterest account is currently sitting on 2,499 pins. What should be my 2,500th pin?!

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Infographic: Most News Websites Are Now Mobile First | Statista

Are you more of a desktop person or mobile person?

We hear all about how mobile is overtaking desktop. PC desktop sales have been sliding since 2011 (via Most news websites are now mobile first. There’s even cool graphs to show this: But what about yourself? Are you visiting more webpages on mobile than desktop? Out of my friends and family, I’m usually the […]

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Twitter quick and fast

Twitter could become universal commenting system

Twitter is considering expanding the twitter character limit to 10,000 characters. The average character length for words is 5.1, so that makes 1,960 words. Who would write 1,960 words in a tweet?! If they are going to extend the limit, at least make it a short-style blog post, like 300 words. For comparison, newspaper columns run […]

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