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As of today, the blog will start to feature more short and quick blog posts. I was keeping this site mostly to tech and publishing thoughts. Often there are many topics that I simply want to write about that I find interesting.

One of the blog formats I find inspiring is Dave Winer’s blog where he writes quick posts about his work, along with other topics. He’s one of the first people to work on developing the RSS feed format. When he talks about content management topics, it’s completely fascinating. He’ll also get into politics and baseball. His blog feels so free and personal. It’s like he’s sitting there simply sharing what he’s doing. Jon Udell writes about Dave’s blog:

When blogging took off in the early 2000s I became fascinated with Dave Winer’s notion that narrating your work — a practice more recently called observable work and working out loud.

I would like to work out loud, as well. I hope to be that free with my blog now.

To recap my content strategy across my four blogs:

Those who know my blog, that was the place where I would blog about all sorts of topics. Like ChocolateCroquetDodgeballNumbers, and Star Wars. Moving forward, the is going to be focused on art and creativity. Therefore, the blog will have more of the random fun topics.

Thank you for reading my blog. Things are about to get more interesting!

Matt Maldre

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Sarah Maldre

I like this notion of narrating work, too. Onward and upward, Matt Maldre! 😉 And, out of curiosity, will your brief narrations still be categorized as your tabs are laid out on the site? (“how we create”, “how we read”, etc.)


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