Malware hiding in your Chrome extensions

Google regularly checks if any of your installed Chrome extensions contain malware.

Today, Chrome disabled the “Bookmark Checker” extension because it contains malware. CRAP. I HAD THIS THING INSTALLED!

Bookmark Checker Chrome extension contains malware

Thankfully Google keeps on top of these things. Hopefully, Firefox and Safari does too.

Three other people have tweeted about this “Bookmark Checker” extension having malware:

Right bookmark checker is gone (malware suspicion) no other extension yet

Heads up! If you use the "Bookmark Checker" extension in Google Chrome. It's been disabled/removed for containing malware.

The "Bookmark Checker" extension (lnboppjpcdnckcklbmjmdahfkpmgglec) has just disappeared from Chrome Web Store and, installed, is now being shown as containing malware.

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