Blogging more helps me appreciate things in life

I was just thinking I would blog more if I had an app like Tweetdeck, but for WordPress where I can open a simple text edit window. Drag over one image, and boom. Blog post. And then I realized, Oh! There are MacOS WordPress apps!

Instead of posting to Twitter, just do quick blog posts on with these apps. Who cares how short they are?

I want to post more is because it helps me think through things. To be more creative. To have more appreciation for life, rather than worrying about stuff. Or complaining about things.

In the past year my commute went from 45 minutes to 105 minutes. With this longer commute, I’ve become quite a crank in my head–getting upset at cars and fellow pedestrians.

Instead of getting upset during my commute, I want to use the time to think about creative things and appreciate things in life.

Lately I’ve been inspired by some of the web’s best bloggers.

All these blog posts demonstrate how blog posts can be quick, and about anything. I used to blog that way back in the early 2000s. I shall do so again now.

Since the majority of my blog posts are on, I’ll be posting these quick posts on that site. This website,, will continue to be the place where I post about the ways of maneuvering through the digital landscape.

If you’d like to follow my posts, several channels are available. My Twitter accounts @spudart and @mattmaldre tweet links right away. And I’ll revive a weekly email newsletter that compiles all that week’s posts.

For fun, here’s a photo from my daily walk to work:
Chicago River

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4 thoughts on “Blogging more helps me appreciate things in life”

  1. My lede on this post is really bad. I start by talking about WordPress desktop applications. When the post is really about the spirit of blogging. The desktop app is just a means to the bigger point. Ah well. Such as the spirit of posting quickly. 🙂

  2. Good outlook, Matt! Being mindful of thought processes and how the day is unfolding in a positive way is something I’m trying to focus on as work and school start back up! Need to pass that on to our next generation ??.


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