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2007 continues to rock with Feedburner’s email newsletter footers

These days you might still get an email newsletter that is powered by Google’s FeedBurner. Founded in 2002, Feedburner blazed trails by giving bloggers traffic analysis of their RSS feed and email newsletter. As of October 5, 2007, FeedBurner hosted over a million feeds for 584,832 publishers, including 142,534 podcast and videocast feeds. Since Google […]

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My favorite way to set up Tweetdeck as a background stream

I’ve found my favorite way to keep Twitter running in the background at work. Tweetdeck is the tool, with two columns. Yup. Just two columns. If you try to use the normal Twitter stream on the homepage, you’ll have to manually click the “See 35 new Tweets” message. Plus, the homepage of Twitter shows you […]


The classic sad tale about social media API.

A new platform launches. The platform needs users and growth. So the platform offers an API for developers to make super-cool apps and services. Why bother developing the innovation in-house when you can have other outside people do it for you? Third-party developers get excited about the API, because it lets developers access the platform’s […]