Rare hashtags

It’s funny to find hashtags on Instagram that are rarely used. When commenting on a photo, I’ll often combine two words together into a hashtag. And then I click on the hashtag to see if there any other photos.

Apparently is the first Instagram photo with the hashtag: #comiccompilations in the comments

Instagram #comiccompilations

No photo has ever featured #insectclaws

Instagram #insectclaws

Ever hear of a #typefacetornado?

Instagram #typefacetornado

Or perhaps there are more photos on Instagram that use these hashtags. Maybe Instagram only shows photos from the past month or so. Instagram hides the old photos from you. Instagram doesn’t care about photos from years ago. They only care about the photos in the now. Archives? Instagram hates them.

Yet, another reason why Flickr is FAR SUPERIOR than Instagram. Flickr always shows all results from all-time in their search results. Flickr doesn’t try to hide old photos from you. Flickr appreciates the archives. Flickr appreciates history.

Let’s see how many photos use those phrases on Flickr:

With Instagram if you search for multiple words, you are FORCED to mash them together into one hashtag. Lame. With Flickr you have the option of putting multiple words together into one phrase. Or searching for those words separately.

Long live Flickr. Let Instagram die in its limiting hashtag stupidity.

Ok, that’s pretty dramatic. But Instagram’s features are very limited. With these limitations, we can have some fun. Like, finding super-rare hashtags.

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1 thought on “Rare hashtags”

  1. Do hashtags only “count” when they are in the caption of the photo? If I put a hashtag in the comments, does the photo not appear in the official hashtag index?

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