The joy of mono-spaced fonts

A friend of mine has a great blog where he writes all his posts on a typewriter. Then he photographs the typed page and posts it, unedited. One of his recent posts he questions why the font on his typewriter has serifs for some characters, but not others. This question made me think about why I like mono-spaced fonts.

In that spirit, I typed this blog draft in BBedit using a mono-spaced font, and took a screenshot the draft. This computer version is not the same as using a real mechanical typewriter with real paper. But it does use a mono-spaced font. Here’s the screenshots:

Mono-spaced fonts are so nice. It’s why I prefer typing my first drafts in TextWrangler (now BBEdit). Perhaps the mono-spaced fonts are have a bit more orderly look to them, since they form straight columns. Combine the columns with the rows, and you have a nice grid.
Or maybe, I like the mono-spaced font, because it subconsciously makes me think I’m using a typewriter. Maybe I should find a digital version of Pica, and see how it feels when I use it in BBEdit.
Ok, I just switched over from Menlo in my text program to Pica. I will be going back to Menlo. 
Pica feels a bit too much like a typewriter. The lines in Pica are a bit too thin for my screen. Even in the bold version. It's kinda strange typing on my computer and seeing a typewriter font appear. Perhaps the it's the little curly parts in the 
There must be something about the Menlo font that I really like. 
But as I type this, this font is starting to grow on me. Maybe I'll keep it for a little while.

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