How to view Google Home history

Google stores all the questions and requests you’ve made to your Google Home speaker. You can see your requests in your Google “My Activity” page.

Here’s how to see all your Google Home history

1. Go to

2. Click on “Filter by date & product”

3. Check ON “Assistant”

“Assistant” is the name of the Google product that answers all your questions on your Google Home speaker.

4. Click the blue button “Apply”

4. Scroll through and find what you’d like to hear.

Now that you are at “My Activity” page filtered with just Assistant activities, scroll to find the specific command you’d like to hear.

Last week I asked my Google Home, “please play tootily doot-doot, da-toot-doot, da-tootily doooooo“. Yeah, I like to goof around with my speaker.

Ah, here’s the record.

Google thought I said, “please play doodly doo doo doo doo diddly doo” Oh google. That’s not what I said. I said “please play tootily doot-doot, da-toot-doot, da-tootily doooooo”. C’mon.

According to Google, the song played was “Diddley-Dee by Cartoons”. Actually, it was “Doo Wa Ditty” by Zapp. Both are fun songs.

5. Click on the date to see the option to listen

6. Click on “View recording”

The “Started by hotword” is a very curious part of this information. It must be Google’s AI for voice recognition. Going a bit further down, you’ll see the play button. Now you’ll be able to hear your glorious voice making your request.

7. Click on the blue play button

When this mini player appears, you can click on the blue play button to listen to your recording! Hooray!

How to download Google Home history

Being able to play the audio files in the “My Activity” section of Google is nice, but you might want to download the original mp3 file. You can’t download it in “My Activity”, but you can download it in your Takeout!

  1. Head to
  2. Click the “Delect all” next to “Products”.
    You don’t want to download everything. The only product you want is “My Activity”
  3. Scroll down and click the blue button “Next step”
  4. then click the blue button “Create export”
  5. Google will email you when your takeout is ready.
    Mine took 27 minutes.
  6. Download the zip file.
    Mine was 127 MB in size.
  7. Open the zip file.
    Inside the Takeout will be ALL your audio requests in mp3 files. Click around to find the one you want.


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