How to view mostly love on Twitter

If you ever need an injection of positiveness, try this Twitter trick that’ll show tweets with the word “love” from people you follow. Just visit this shortcut link: “love” from people you follow, no replies.

Here’s how to manually set the love filters

1. Go to Do a search for “love”.

These results with “love” are kinda nice. But this is from a ton of people you don’t know. Let’s limit this to people you know.

2. In the search filters, check ON “People you follow”

Now you’ll tweets only from the people you follow. A much more focused set of results.

3. Sort by “Latest”

I like to view my tweets in chronological order. Twitters algorithms picking what you see?—not so much a fan. Just sort by “Latest”.


Curious side-effect. A lot of these tweets with “love” are replies. If you want to filter out the replies, then check out step 4.

4. Click on the three meatballs by the search bar, select “Advanced Search”. Scroll down to Filters. Check OFF Replies.


Instead of using the Twitter app. Or loading the Twitter homepage. Try loading just this focused search results page. You’ll have love all day.


I changed the title of this blog post from “How to view only love on Twitter” to “How to view mostly love on Twitter”. The results from this Twitter search aren’t 100% love. Some people use the word “love” in an ironic sense or in a foil of complaint. But at least a lot of the results are positive.

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