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Hi, I’m Matt Maldre, the Senior Web Marketing Strategist at Tribune Content Agency (formerly called Tribune Media Services). This blog’s focus is about syndication. There aren’t many blogs out there that are solely about syndication, so I’m filling the void. In this space I will explore all ideas and examples related to distributing content. It’s a business I love, and thus I love writing about it.

For a taste, read this blog post about why I love working in the syndication business. This blog is for creators, searchers, readers, and curators.

This is a personal weblog that has posts at least once a month. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer. Contact me at:

About me

Designer, Public Spaces Artist, Webcomic, Professional Scorecard Keeper

  • Encourage creativity in everyone.
  • Finding the joy in little things.
  • A new idea every day.
  • Always be learning, and share what you learn with others.

Father of 2, WordPress developer, media hacker, blogger, podcaster, Chicago Cubs fan, extreme croquet athlete, photographer. Enjoys linguistics, museums, urbanism, bicycling, public transit, Star Wars, fonts, history, and trivia. Working on over 60 art projects. Very curious, positive, and helpful.

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