Matt Maldre holding in Ewok in Paris at Musée National d'Art Mo

About Matt Maldre

Award-winning graphic designer and web strategist with extensive experience in both print and online projects from concept to the final product. A diverse field of experience having worked for a Fortune 500 media company as well as a small entrepreneurial business. Strengths include innovative design, remarkable illustration, web management and strategy, programming, and conceptual talents.
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Father of two wonderful kids, public spaces artist, webcomic creator, baseball scorecard artist, media hacker, blogger, podcaster, Chicago Cubs fan, extreme croquet athlete, and photographer. Enjoys linguistics, museums, urbanism, bicycling, public transit, Star Wars, fonts, history, and trivia. Working on over 60 art projects. Very curious, positive, and helpful.

  • Encourage creativity in everyone
  • Finding the joy in little things
  • A new idea every day
  • Always be learning, and share what you learn with others

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