Matt Maldre

How to view mostly love on Twitter

If you ever need an injection of positiveness, try this Twitter trick that’ll show tweets with the word “love” from people you follow.

Google finally eliminates email subscriptions from Feedburner

Today Google sent me a reminder email that they will be eliminating email subscriptions from Feedburner. Once upon a time I used Feedburner to send email newsletters from This was before Google owned Feedburner. Feedburner started in 2004. Google bought them in 2007. I must have started using Feedburner sometime between those years. Google …

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Ad blockers

I installed an ad blocker to block the tracking scripts on Every time I visit that site, my computer’s fans would spin up crazy. I really don’t mind seeing the ads. No video ads. Actually, I don’t even know what ads they were, because I never really noticed them. What I do mind is …

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Being a designer is empowering

One of the things I love about being a designer is being able to simply do things myself. I wanted to try some graph paper. My first thought was go to Amazon to buy a pack. But then I realized, “I could just make my own in Illustrator!” To my exact specs and color.

My first Stack Overflow answer

For years I have been a lurker on Stack Overflow. I often hit up the site for answers. I couldn’t upvote anything, because I never posted anything. (You need some upvotes before you can leave an upvote). The site remained mostly like a book for me. I would read it for answers. But I couldn’t …

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