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Metadata for Olympic video

NBC is proclaiming their increased viewership is due to offering so much live video online. While that’s cool, let’s take that a step further. I don’t really care to wake up at 3am to watch a badminton tournament. I want archives. Searchable archives. What I’d like is to be able to tell my iPad, i […]

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What’s that book about?

When I scroll through the book titles on my friend feed, sometimes I wonder, “what’s that book about?” I consider asking the person who is reading the book. But then I realize I could just click on the link and read the official summary. Funny how online stuff works. If a friend tells us […]

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Bookstore of the future

What could the bookstore of the future look like? Bethanne Patrick, Executive Editor of Book Riot, asked this question on her blog post, “The Bookstore of the Future, Installment One: What Would Don Draper Handsell?” (hat-tip to @dbsalk for tweeting a link to this post.) I’d love to see specific niche-by-topic bookstores. Like a bookstore […]

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Is Google replacing our brains?

Mashable had a fun infographic that talks about how Google is replacing our brains. I would argue that Google is replacing our parts of our memory, not our brains. We can still think about things, we just don’t always have to remember what those things are. Google enables us to be curious about more things. […]

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