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What if Yahoo bought Instagram instead of Facebook?

People, just be glad that Yahoo didn’t buy Instagram. Yahoo purchased Flickr 7 years ago for $35 million dollars. Yahoo hasn’t done anything much with Flickr. Although it would be interesting to see what would happen if Instagram and Flickr merged together. But Yahoo right now wouldn’t be the company to do it. Yahoo doesn’t …

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Power to the readers, not the publishers

Just highlighting a couple tweets I made about the power should not be in the publisher’s hands, but in the readers. Often the publishers push push push. But it should be the readers who pull. Check out the comments for some examples of publishers behaving badly.

The distractions from reading

Do you find it hard to read on a Kindle, because you are easily distracted? My friend Marco wrote on Google Plus about an New York Times article, “Finding Your Book Interrupted … By the Tablet You Read It On This is why I still can’t read books on an iPad or Nook. Magazines and …

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Brewster Rockit spreading through the galaxy

As @brewsterrockit tweets, I’m very happy that one of my favorite comic strips is now in the Boston Herald. I’ve done marketing work with Brewster Rockit and creator Tim Rickard from the very start. It’s great to see it getting into more media. (note, I said “more media,” not “more newspapers). News story “‘Brewster Rockit’ …

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