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Where are your friends?

Where are your friends? Check foursquare. Check facebook places. Check for location-based tweets. Check instagram. Yipes! That’s a lot of places to check! Banjo the new iPhone app automatically checks all those services and notifies you when a friend is nearby. Pretty neat. It’s like banjo takes all the location-based services and syndicates that information […]

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Instagram needs user lists

Instagram needs user lists

As Instagram grows bigger and bigger with the inclusion of Android phones, people need better ways to manage their friends they follow. The solution? Instagram needs lists or groups. Right now I follow 100 people. I can handle the photo feed of 100 people pretty well–mostly because everyone posts just one photo at a time. […]

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Yesterday I was thinking about this blog and how I’m writing about syndication as creating, reading and sharing. Lately the sharing aspect has been a particular interest to me. Last night I bought “The Mesh: Why the Future of Business Is Sharing” by Lisa Ganksy. It looks like a promising read.

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