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The distractions from reading

Do you find it hard to read on a Kindle, because you are easily distracted? My friend Marco wrote on Google Plus about an New York Times article, “Finding Your Book Interrupted … By the Tablet You Read It On This is why I still can’t read books on an iPad or Nook. Magazines and […]

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Falling ice and falling shadows

Instagram’s secret to social sharing

The old method for sharing photos online is pretty simple. You post a bunch of photos. All your photos are on one URL. You share that one URL with your friends. changes all that. You can still post a bunch of photos, but there is no longer one URL to share all your photos. […]

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Better note-sharing on the Kindle

Imagine a Kindle where you can easily write notes in the margins of a book, share those notes with friends. Or even share those notes with anyone in the world that will read that book. Imagine being able to read a book where you can activate an option to show all the notes from people […]

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Google has a limited view of RSS feeds

Google allows a maximum of 2,000 subscriptions in Google Reader. I had about 2,248 subscriptions, because a couple weeks ago I dumped in about 550 RSS feeds of all the people I’m following on twitter. Sure enough in the past couple weeks I’ve noticed that the view counts were off in the folders. Today I […]

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Go Red Sox! RT @tatumsqchw: Brewster Rockit launches in Herald boston herald :P

Brewster Rockit spreading through the galaxy

As @brewsterrockit tweets, I’m very happy that one of my favorite comic strips is now in the Boston Herald. I’ve done marketing work with Brewster Rockit and creator Tim Rickard from the very start. It’s great to see it getting into more media. (note, I said “more media,” not “more newspapers). News story “

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All media must be…

Mitch Joel writes in Content Pays All media must be digital. It must be mobile. It must be asynchronous. It must have added multimedia value (bonus material). It must be easy to access. It must be easy to download/stream. It must do more than simply being a digital version of the traditional platform. It must […]

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