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Blackwing 56 sold out

A blog without comments is broken

Every time a blog doesn’t have the ability for a reader to leave comments, I think that blog is broken. Sure, there is social media. You can tweet a link with your comment. Or share the blog post on Facebook. Sharing power! However, lacking is the ability to easily see other people’s comments. I could […]

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Screenshot of comments in Medium

How to improve marginalia in Instapaper

Do you enjoy writing notes in the margins of books and articles? The quest for an online marginalia system continues with Instapaper. Instapaper offers the great service to export articles to their service. You can even highlight passages and leave comments on the article. However, your comments are buried underneath a blue word bubble. Here’s […]

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How to give your comments more reach

Get more mileage out of comments you give

Do you ever feel like not leaving a comment on a blog, because you feel like it won’t be seen by anyone else other than the author? With the dominance social media today, people are more apt to make their comments on another social media channel rather than your lonely blog post. Imagine if today’s […]

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Why do people not comment on blogs? The psychology and historical reasons

Perplexing is that people can read something and not have anything to say. What are the historical and psychology causes? At the dawn of democracy, listening was primarily an active activity. People would debate each other. A statement would be made, the listener would respond. Communication was interpersonal. Peter Kreten states in his first draft […]

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A blog post should never have one comment

If someone comments on your blog post, you should always try to respond. If you don’t, it shows readers that you don’t care about the comments or possibly you don’t even read the comments. [sidenote: not ALL comments by readers deserve a response; but if you have a low comment rate on your blog, you […]

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