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Rare hashtags

It’s funny to find hashtags on Instagram that are rarely used. When commenting on a photo, I’ll often combine two words together into a hashtag. And then I click on the hashtag to see if there any other photos. Apparently is the first Instagram photo with the hashtag: #comiccompilations in the comments No photo has ever […]

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The disappearing link

de-link-ification of the internet

What happened to links? Blogs don’t have blogrolls anymore. Tweets really only hold one link each. Instagram doesn’t allow you to have clickable links in captions. A blogger was imprisoned in an Iranian jail for seven years for supporting the free web. Upon his release, he wrote an article “The Web we have to save” […]

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Starting January 19th all your photos rights will be taken over by Instagram

Instagram’s updated terms are even worse

If you thought Instagram’s new terms introduced in December 2012 were awful, their update today is even worse. We’ve all been waiting to see what Instagram would do with their promised new terms. You’d think Instagram would have released a nicer set of terms after their fiasco in December. But no, Instagram went ten times […]

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Is Instagram getting too big?

Instagram, the wildly popular photo app on iPhones, just released an Android version. I’m kinda curious how this larger audience will affect my usage of Instagram. One of the things I liked about Instagram was that is a nice small stream of photos. If more and more people join, I’m concerned that there will be […]

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Falling ice and falling shadows

Instagram’s secret to social sharing

The old method for sharing photos online is pretty simple. You post a bunch of photos. All your photos are on one URL. You share that one URL with your friends. changes all that. You can still post a bunch of photos, but there is no longer one URL to share all your photos. […]

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