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Screenshot of comments in Medium

How to improve marginalia in Instapaper

Do you enjoy writing notes in the margins of books and articles? The quest for an online marginalia system continues with Instapaper. Instapaper offers the great service to export articles to their service. You can even highlight passages and leave comments on the article. However, your comments are buried underneath a blue word bubble. Here’s […]

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How internet browsers can expand our reading ability

The impenetrable glass of browsers

It’s funny how flexible the internet is, yet we don’t have technology to write directly on webpages in a browser and immediately share that marginalia. When reading an article on a piece of paper, you have an immediacy with that sheet of paper where you can underline text and write notes in the margin. When […]

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Annotating webpages in Chrome

Idea: I’d like to have the ability to annotate a webpage natively in Chrome. When i’m done reading the webpage, export the page into a pdf with all the highlights I made in the text and all the marginalia shown next to the related parts of the webpage. ? Any ideas on how to accomplish […]

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I use my iPad mostly for taking notes on articles

Are you an egghead iPad user like me?

Do you bring your iPad into the kitchen to follow recipes? Or maybe you bring it out to the garage and fix stuff? My manager asked me how I use my iPad and I could only answer, “Well, I like to read PDFs and write notes in the margins. That’s my primary use.” And then […]

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