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Goodreads almost doubled in size for the second year in a row

Goodreads signups double for two years straight

(Read the rest of the infographic at Merge social media with books and you get the fantastic site If you love books and you aren’t on goodreads yet, what are you waiting for? With 25 million members, Goodreads is THE place online to discover and review books. Every day I love reading my […]

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Illustration of list threads & interdisciplinary fabric

2014 will be the year of interdisciplinary

2013 was the year of lists. Will 2014 continue the heavy use of lists? Yes, 2014 will bring more lists. Specifically for the masses, there will be more lists in 2014. However, for the more attuned reader, lists will become less popular. Perhaps instead we will see more interdisciplinary articles. Topics that merge various fields […]

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Evernote's search feature is great

Is text in images indexable by Google?

Does Google indexes the text in images on webpages? We were all taught that text in images is bad for SEO, because Google can’t index the text. However, having an Evernote Pro account makes me think differently now. I upload all my screenshots to Evernote, because it can index the text in the image and […]

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Who really uses twitter buttons anymore?

Twitter button use on the decline

In 2012 20.02 percent of tweets with links to major news sites came from Twitter buttons. In 2013, the usage of the buttons dropped to 12.61 percent Joshua Benton of niemanlab does a great job pulling these stats and offering five explanations why: People are more comfortable manually copying and pasting a link into a […]

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Can Twitter live for another 50 years?

Will there be another Twitter?

Our household names of Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube. Can anyone replace them? David Meerman Scott of says, no. While I certainly hope for the success of the current crop of social media giants, nothing is set in stone. In 2005, we would have said, “there is only one MySpace.” Twitter has […]

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