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There are only ___ Google results for ____

Do a twitter search for: “there are only” “google results” and you’ll get some fun results. Here are a select few tweets from the results: Internet I am disappoint. There are only four Google results for "how to monetize your cat" — Scott Kubie (@scottrocketship) January 25, 2014 .@ethanz introduced us to US "Institute for […]

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How to give your comments more reach

Get more mileage out of comments you give

Do you ever feel like not leaving a comment on a blog, because you feel like it won’t be seen by anyone else other than the author? With the dominance social media today, people are more apt to make their comments on another social media channel rather than your lonely blog post. Imagine if today’s […]

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is twitter dying?_1200x1200

Why do you use Twitter?

Are the overabundance of people trying to gain followers on Twitter actually killing the service? Marketers constantly tweeting utility links, never sharing their own personality. People trying to impress others by constantly retweeting others. Is all this noise killing Twitter? The Atlantic wrote a Eulogy for Twitter, claiming “the beloved social publishing platform enters its […]

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Who really uses twitter buttons anymore?

Twitter button use on the decline

In 2012 20.02 percent of tweets with links to major news sites came from Twitter buttons. In 2013, the usage of the buttons dropped to 12.61 percent Joshua Benton of niemanlab does a great job pulling these stats and offering five explanations why: People are more comfortable manually copying and pasting a link into a […]

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Can Twitter live for another 50 years?

Will there be another Twitter?

Our household names of Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube. Can anyone replace them? David Meerman Scott of says, no. While I certainly hope for the success of the current crop of social media giants, nothing is set in stone. In 2005, we would have said, “there is only one MySpace.” Twitter has […]

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Do people want to read content by topic?

We live in a world where content is not sorted by topic. Tweets are sorted by person. You can’t view tweets by topic. People on Google Plus never post to topic-based circles. Pinterest automatically subscribes to you to all boards by individuals you follow. You can clean up your pinterest to have just the boards […]

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