Mobile games product launch

Print design
Marketing promotion

Tribune Content Agency created digital versions of their print games. These online games were sold to newspapers for their website.


This is a page in the Tribune Content Agency flagship website (built in WordPress).

The top of the page features strong branding and a quick overview that gets to the point. The call-to-action button is also displayed in a large dark blue button.

Individual games are listed to show the range of games available. Then a bright orange contact button to develop more leads.

At the very bottom of the page, a sampling of the promotional materials is included. When a website embeds the games on their site, it’s vitally important that the website promotes the games. We assist our customers in putting promotions on their sites. We don’t merely sell the product and say, “good luck.” We are invested in making sure these games succeed.

Email to newspaper editors

Our top two brands are featured prominently in the mockup, the Los Angles Times Crossword and Jumble. Instead of using just screenshots, I find it very important to show the actual product in use. I mocked the games up on a pair of iPhones.

Also, the call to action button is bright orange and playful.

Further down in the copy, we mention that there is 15 games total, so it’s not just the two featured at the top. We have more games available.

Sell sheet

Jumble is enormous in the print newspaper world. We focused efforts on selling the digital games from the angle of Jumble being available online—specifically on mobile.


This is the cover of the PowerPoint deck used by sales when talking about the TCA Games Platform to website editors.

Online & print ads

The Chicago Tribune has a wide variety of online and print ad sizes. I generated ads for all sizes to help Tribune drop these ads into any available slots.

Then we took this ad package and offered it to other sites within the Tribune family. I used lots of versioning and template automation to create a set for each Tribune newspaper—and ultimately, other papers outside of Tribune Publishing.