Skill: WordPress

Flagship website

This website is the central hub for all promotions and sales efforts from Tribune Content Agency. I did the UI/UX design of the site. And I continually improve the site through UI/UX changes with CSS/PHP programming in WordPress.

Samsung mobile news

I designed and programmed a system to provide articles to Samsung for their news mobile app.

Email newsletters

A collection of the email marketing campaigns I’ve designed and programmed for over 18 years.

Video network product launch

TCA Video Network provides a video to online publishers. These are some of the promotional materials used to sell the service to publishers.

Mobile games product launch

Tribune Content Agency created digital versions of their print games. These online games were sold to newspapers for their website.

RSS aggregation tool

Helping editors keep track of 80+ websites in one place through a custom WordPress install.


A webcomic based on research and ideas