The importance of an archive?

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With the speed of social media, is there much of a need for an archive? To get eyeballs, it’s all about getting people to tweet, pin, tumbl, stumble your work in matter of a day or even just in hours. You can’t even access your tweets older than a year.

Which is kinda funny, cuz I come from the days back in the early 00s when your blog content got better google rankings the more it was around. Of course, that’s now ten years ago. Now everything is rightfully centered around social and real people.

But what about archives? Does everything have to be in the moment? Some good news from Facebook’s timeline. It does remind us of our past. Even though it kinda creeps people out, because they want that stuff to remain in the past. There is value to having an archive of your writing instead of skittering to and fro. Forgetting our past gives us no place in the present.

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