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Doing more with the links you share

A linkblog. Do you remember those before social media? On my blog, I had a sidebar of links. The earliest version of my linkbar is on from 2002. In that 2002 example, I didn’t have any commentary on each link. The following year, I started to add a little piece of insight about […]

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Screenshot of Chrome menu bar icons

My 11 essential Chrome menu bar icons

The Chrome menu bar can be a great location for shortcuts. I use my menu bar to get instant notifications of new emails and Linkedin messages. My menu bar also allows me to take the webpage I’m currently viewing and quick check it’s popularity, save an article, and annotate the page. However, your Chrome menu […]

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Pearl Crescent Page Saver alternative

The problem in Firefox Since Firefox is labeling a slew of extensions as “legacy”, they are no longer allowing users to enable these “legacy” extensions. Here is a list of my legacy extensions in Firefox: Firefox disabled 11 of my 18 extensions One of my favorites was “Pearl Crescent Page Saver” This extension allows you […]

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