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Approaching the blog as log

I’m taking a new approach to my blogs where as soon as I write the blog post, I publish it. In the past, I would schedule the posts so they appeared one a day. I do like the idea of the consistency of a post per day, and having them spaced out. I’m putting the […]

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Twitter or Wordpress?

Tweet or blog?

Do you find most your ideas end up on Twitter, because it’s much quicker than writing an entire blog post? I’ve certainly fell victim to that. To help myself blog more, I’m going to alter my tweeting procedure. Every time I have something I would like to tweet, instead of heading to Tweetdeck, I’m going […]

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Twitter quick and fast

Twitter could become universal commenting system

Twitter is considering expanding the twitter character limit to 10,000 characters. The average character length for words is 5.1, so that makes 1,960 words. Who would write 1,960 words in a tweet?! If they are going to extend the limit, at least make it a short-style blog post, like 300 words. For comparison, newspaper columns run […]

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download wordpress

Just create the blog.

Thinking about creating a blog, but always put it off? Just make it. You’ll be happy you did. For many years I wanted to have a blog that was about publishing and marketing. I would always put it off thinking I’ll start it at some point when I can focus on it. But then one […]

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