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7 Reasons to not start a design agency whose focus is Microsoft Word templates

Thinking of starting a design agency whose sole focus is creating Microsoft Word templates? Yesterday I covered the need for this unique and undervalued service. Today we cover why one should not create an agency with a focus on Microsoft Word templates. 1) Word templates are extremely undervalued Approach a company and say, “we’ll redesign your […]

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How can you automate more of what you do?

It can be a scary prospect to some–they don’t want their job automated. But really, if you know how to build a script, why not automate tasks of your job? Get things done faster, move onto other projects. I’ve always wanted more workers to be able to code–to write scripts to make regular tasks go […]

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The device for writers who can't focus

The device for writers who can’t focus

Combine a keyboard with an e-ink screen and you have a new writing tool, the Hemingwrite: The Hemingwrite is a minimalist digital typewriter for distraction free writing composition. It combines the simplicity of a typewriter with modern technology like an electronic paper screen and cloud backups to create the best possible writing experience. It is designed […]

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My top twitter accounts in 2014

Why have 15 Twitter accounts?

It’s all about giving your readers what they want. Do you enjoy reading a stranger’s tweets about his/her health? I don’t, really. But I do enjoy reading the health tweets by my close friends and family. So strangers don’t have to read my tweets about chocolate cravings, I have separate those tweets into a dedicated […]

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The latest notes from my Evernote

Six great ways to use Evernote

1) Blog drafts Ever have a great idea for a blog post? You don’t want to lose that idea. In Evernote you can quickly jot down those ideas. I have 778 unpublished blog drafts. Anything that will be an idea for a post. A photo. A website link. I’ll copy and paste instant messenger conversations into a note. […]

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Tag a photo with #toppslive and it becomes immediate property of Topps

MLB’s only official baseball card manufacturer, Topps, is running a super-fun photo competition. Thirty fan-submitted photos will be used for the 2015 baseball card set. Imagine the delight baseball fans will get seeing their own photo appear on a baseball card! To enter just your photo on instagram with the hashtag #toppslive and it’s automatically […]

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Mashable's misperception about user-generated content

Why Mashable is wrong about user-generated content

Mashable is reports that “Millennials trust user-generated content 50% more than other media.” Sounds reasonable, right? However, in that article Mashable makes a false claim, “User-generated content (UGC) is media created by your peers.” Whoa. Mashable. Hold it there. Be careful with this report. Mashable is blending together the terms “user-generated content” with content made by your […]

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