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What filter did you use on that photo?

Why was y forgotten?
Let's all hide in this cornerRainstorm hits ChicagoStanding on a chair with my camera precariously propped on a ledge over a 40-foot dropJewelers BuildingI like to hide in the fogThe Trump Tower now has a lily pondEncaptured by paintings all inside. Encountered by this scene first outside.Sailboats sailing down the Chicago River by the Wrigley Building, just after passing the open Michigan Avenue bridge (kaleidoscope)Carrying a pear down Michigan Avenue makes me realize the mass of a pearThe plants on Michigan Avenue are monstrousIf you could put something into hands behind this statue's back what would it be?Two bouncy balls like twin planets of earth and waterThe street marker people are going totally berzerkBest brat ever!--with wooden utensils!  On the rooftop of @genesausageshopFresh scraffito

Gee, I don’t remember the name of the filter. Heck, I can’t even remember the name of the app that I used. Was it Fotor, Photogene, PhotoStudio, CP Pro, Filterstorm, PS Touch, Camera+, KingCamera, or Film Lab?

Imagine if the iOS forced all photo app developers to include the filter information in the metadata of the the exported image.

Anytime you apply a filter onto a photo in an app, when that image is exported, the metadata should

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